How to Use the Map



Identify and compare trends in priority health needs—in your community and state and across the country.

Connect with other health care organizations and community stakeholders working to tackle the same priority health needs.

Foster stronger partnerships with patients, families, other health care organizations and community stakeholders.

Build healthier communities and improve population health.


CHNAFinder features a map tool that is accessible to American Hospital Association member organizations only.

If you are from an AHA member organization, log in at the top right corner or click “Search CHNAs” below. Please use your hospital or business email address to login or create a user account.

Not an AHA member but interested to learn more? Visit or contact Tony Spohn.


Navigate through the map to look up any nonprofit hospital in the country with a community health needs assessment by name, location or priority health need. The map allows you to locate hospitals with similar priority needs and directs you to the hospital’s CHNA for more information. Using map features, you can:

  • Switch between two versions of the map tool. See more information below under “Using the MAP.” 
  • Use the filters to gather data on multiple hospitals and states and compare priority health needs. S
  • Set a lasso to highlight multiple hospitals on the map. 
  • Access each hospital's or health system's website and CHNA.


Two versions of the map tool will help you search information based on your preference:


State Map


 Hospital Location Map



  • Select a state.
  • Hover over the blue dots to identify a hospital/health system. 
  • Select a blue dot to see identified priority health needs. 
  • Locate the hospital's demographic and CHNA information in the table. 
  • Unselect blue dot to reset.


  • Select any priority health need from the priority tool bar.
  • See which hospitals/health systems are addressing that issue on the map.
  • Select any blue dot to identify a hospital/health system.
  • Locate the hospital's demographic and CHNA information in the table.
  • Unselect blue dot to reset.



Contact with any questions or to learn more.