The CHNAFinder map tool gives you valuable information at your fingertips. With one click, you can locate hospitals and health systems addressing similar health challenges. CHNAFinder will inspire you to connect and collaborate with hospitals, health systems, community organizations and other stakeholders. Let's work together to build healthier communities.


About Project

In collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the American Hospital Association developed a tool that provides access to information about priority health needs identified through community health needs assessments.

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How To Use Map

Employees from any AHA member organization can access the CHNAFinder map tool. Click the "Log in" button to look up priority health needs and CHNA's from any non-profit hospital in the U.S. Cick below and learn how to use the map.

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Share Your Data

The CHNAFinder contains data on priority health needs from 3,000 community health needs assessments. The data in CHNAFinder is from 2011-2016. The AHA needs your help in staying current! Find out how you can submit your CHNA data.

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